Have you studied by any notebook?

A notebook is a set of flashcards with the answers to subjects created by you.
Gather several flashcards to create a notebook and reuse them in several notebooks.

Study with your notebooks using markers, post-its, timers and other useful features.

The Study Now! page shows only bare essentials, like flashcards and topics. The maximized window allows you to focus on what really matters.
You can tick the notebooks you have memorized and define when you want to study them again. We memorize your study, so if you come across the same flashcards on a different notebook, we'll remind you that you've studied them before.

Student is also available for your iPhone and iPad, to review your flashcards anywhere.

  • Organize you knowledge with flashcards
  • Create study topics, just like a book index
  • Use the existing topics and flashcards to create your notebooks
  • Use the scheme view to easily see relationships between the topics on your notebook
  • Reuse your flashcards in various notebooks and groups, thus increasing your study performance
  • Explore the statistics concerning notebook usage to analyze tendencies
  • Analyze your learning evolution
  • Study your flashcards as if you're reading from a book
  • Study online, take notes and highlight the texts
  • Measure your performance, learn which flashcards you should study better and the ones you know already 
  • If you don't really like to study on a screen, just print the notebooks and study them in paper

Have you tried it yet? What are you waiting for?


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